See 710 shine on Outrageous Food!

The Food Network’s very own Tom Pizzica comes to Pedro to shoot an episode of Outrageous Food. Check out the video!

Red Hot Chili Peppers 101

Think you know what’s hot? Do you know a Scoville unit from a screwdriver? Check out this informative page!

Sauces & Extracts

We thought we’d throw in a bunch of useless information (coz it’s on the Internet) about the sauces Karl uses in the Ring of Fire sauce. (See Outrageous Food link to the far left). We don’t sell these—not yet—let us know if you wanna get some.

Voted Best Wings in LA!

According to the HOTlist: “710 Grille is a local hangout in an old, wonderful San Pedro neighborhood. The Wings are renown for it’s various levels of FIRE: Safe, Sissy, Spicy, Scorching, Extra-Scorching, and Ring of Fire (You have to sign a Waiver for that one).”

Outrageous Food!

TFN says: “This California grill is a headquarters for hot wings, stirring up six heat levels of sauce from the mild ‘Safe’ to the terrifyingly spicy ‘Ring of Fire.’ Featured on Outrageous Food, the famously fiery wings start with a ‘mouthful of flavor’ but end with a spice explosion that makes grown men cry.”

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